Walk the Line Webinar

  • $15.00

  • Continuous lines add grace and beauty to any project from a bold line of color on the collar on a jacket to spots of interest on a blouse.
  • Join Bobbi Bullard, machine embroidery diva, as she teaches you how to to stitch perfect continuous lines invisibly end to end with your embroidery machine.

  • In This Webinar:

    1)-Continuous Lines-how to create continuous lines on your embroidery machine


    2)-Continuous Lines-How to use them- super simple, super fast projects

    3)-Continuous Lines- Accessories - Great for yourself, great as presents

    4-Continuous Lines-Add them to purchased garments or start from scratch.

    5-Continuous Lines-How to get them placed where you want them.


    Two Great Accessory Projects from Start to Finish

    Technique and Project Information

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