The Designer T Class

  • $15.00

Utilizing the Secret Garden Designs, Add a Designer Touch to Your Purchased T

    Create your own incredible, wonderful t-shirt by embroidering on purchased knit clothing

    Use Bobbi's unique knit-friendly reverse applique designs to transform your own purchased t-shirt to make an individualized work of art.

    In this class you will learn and employ techniques for embroidering on knits, how to embroider a perfect continuous line, and how to successfully embroider on a purchased tee shirt. 

    While your machine stitches, Bobbi will discuss the secrets of design placement so you can create unique specialty effect.

    Use your own T-Shirt and transform it into a spectacular, wearable work of art.

    You Will Learn:

    • Knit fabric reverse applique

    • Embroidering on knits

    • Continuous Line techniques


    After purchase, a materials list and the designs will be available for download. The list will be printable and will include pre-class instructions.


    • Either a purchased t-shirt, knit piece of apparel (like jacket or pants) or a length of knit fabric
    • Adhesive washaway stabilizer or regular washaway stabilizer and a spray adhesive
    • Additional washaway stabilizer. The second layer does not require the adhesion so even if you're using the adhesive washaway stabilizer you will want a regular washaway stabilizer for your second stabilizer layer.

    This class is based on the Secret Garden Design Set Part 1 which are included with the purchase of the class.


      A Live Hands-On Class

    Wednesday Feb 17

    3 pm EDT   -   2 pm CDT  - 1 pm MDT  -  Noon PDT


    This class will be held on Zoom.  It will include close-up pictures and explanations of each step as well as short videos of the more complex steps.  You will sew along and be able to ask the teacher for input and help.

    Can't make the live hands-on class? A video of the steps will be available after the class.

    After purchase, a materials list will be available for download. The list will be printable and will include pre-class instructions.

    Class purchase includes Designs