Review Me

  • $20.00

Stitch Your Own Reviews!

The  set includes a variety of reviews for the year, 2020, each in an applique version and a version that is stitched directly on your background fabric.

The words only (non-applique designs) come in 3 sizes

  • large 8" x 2"*
  • medium 6" x 1.3"*
  • small 4" x 1"*

The applique version each come in 2 sizes

  • medium 3" x 5"
  • small 2.25" x 3.5"

 Want to build your own reviews- use the stars designs. The set includes all stars you might need from 1 half star to 5 stars. Add your own words.

*height changes in some designs.

50 designs


List of reviews:

  • Not a fan
  • Only one bug but it’s a doozy
  • Can we start over?
  • Yuck
  • We could use a reboot
  • Worst year yet
  • Sheltering in Place is not as fun as it sounds
  • Time to reboot

 Each saying comes in 2 sizes of applique and 3 sizes of reviews with out applique

Also included are stars and star sets so you can add your own sayings and review what you want.