Quarterly Report

  • $54.00

Based on a wide variety of quarter circles (more than 24), the quarters are combined.


 This design set begins with over 30 unique quarter circles. 

For your convenience there a wide variety of half circles to use in conjunction with the quarter circles.

The set includes designs, each consisting of 6 of the quarter circles combined.

Use the larger designs alone or as continuous lines- alignment marks included for 2 different continuous lines.


Over a Hundred Designs

 Bobbi has created a video about assembling designs in software or in your sewing machines. In the video she gives you tips for arranging designs using a template.

The film includes information on merging designs, flipping them, moving them, re-ordering stitch order and more. The video uses the Quarterly Report Design Set, though the information works for any designs. 

The video is only 10 minutes long.