• $54.00

To some, these designs are reminiscent of the graceful vines hanging from southern trees. To others these designs reflect the underwater waves of coral and fans. No matter how you see them these designs can add beauty to your jeans pocket, the side of a purse, the front of a blouse. These are gorgeous and can make your projects gorgeous, too.

The pocket design includes alignment marks to make it easy to add to a pants pocket. Add this to your jeans to increase their worth to $300 jeans!

The continuous line designs come in two versions- the one shown here and another with a less dense flower for embroidering on light fabrics, challis or charmeuse.

Use the 4", 7 1/2" or 11" version to cover as much space as your hoop will allow. The designs include alignment marks so stitching a continuous line is easy. (All continuous designs 3 3/4" wide)