Bell Choir

  • $54.00

Ever since Bobbi experienced the almost ethereal experience of listening to a bell choir, she has tried to translate the aural beauty into a visual treat. Here is the result of her love of the sounds of a bell choir.

Each of the bells comes in two sizes - all of the bells in one set fit in a 4" x 4" hoop, the bells in the next set are one almost 5" tall.  In addition, in each size the bells come in two versions - one with placement circles for hot-fix crystals (size 10ss) and one with no circles for crystals. 

Both sets are included, one for sewing directly on your fabric or the set  for applique. The set for direct stitching is daintier, the applique version is more robust in appearance

The set includes stipples stitches around the bells for the quilt as you go technique.