Artful Machine Embroidery

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The Best Embroidery Book Ever

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Included in this book is the Embroiderer's Checklist
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A primer chock full of information & eye candy.

Learn about

All in One Place

Know Your Tools:

  • Keep it Stable: Stabilizers- what to use where, and why (by type- not brand name!)
  • To the Point: What needle to use
  • Thread
  • Other Tools, Markers,  spray adhesives etc.


Hooping Tips

  • Tricks for great hooping
  • Multiple Hooping

Upgrade Your Skills:

  • Continuous Lines
  • Perfect Placement  
  • And More

 Includes a CD of Designs!

Plus- On the design side:

  The elements of design and how to use them with your embroidery machine


And lots of Eye Candy!

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