Shipping Information


About Security

First, the secure section of our web site is just that, secure. All charge card information is kept on a secure site that is tested for hackers every day. Using your charge card with us is safer than paying by charge card at most stores and restaurants. We take extra care to insure that your information is kept safe.


We DO NOT give your phone number, address or email address to anyone else. We DO NOT pester you with sales calls. You will receive email news letters ONLY if you sign up for them and we will remove you from the list any time you want. The only time we will call you is if there is a question or a problem with your order.

We Charge Your Card When We Ship and Not Before

We try to ship your order as soon as possible, Monday through Friday. If we receive an order in the morning, we usually ship it that afternoon. If we receive it after our local post office has finished shipping for the day, we try to ship the next day. The exceptions are when we are on the road or we are out of stock on that item. You will seldom wait more than a few days for either. If you order two items and only one is out of stock, we ship the item we have in stock and charge you just for that item. We charge you for the other item only when we ship it. There will not be any extra shipping charge. The exception to this is if you live outside the USA. Because of possible extra charges from customs, we wait until we have everything before we ship. 



We charge you what it costs us to ship your order to you. Light items cost less than heavy items. As of 2006, our shipping calculations are done by the US Post Office through our web site. We take the exact cost of postage and add $1.50. That $1.50 covers the price of boxes, bubble wrap, etc. and the drive to deliver your package to the Post Office. Unlike a lot of mail order sites, we do not make money on shipping charges. We just try to break even.

If you live in the USA you can know the exact shipping cost before you buy - just put the item(s) into your shopping cart, enter your zip code, and the cost to ship it will be displayed! Then you decide which shipping option you want. If your package is above 12 ounces, it will automatically be shipped Priority Mail. That is the USPS and not our choice.


Foreign Orders

We are based in the USA, but we will ship to most foreign countries. Of course the cost will be a bit more. The USPS Some countries will charge you an import fee based on item value. We do not charge your shipping until we go to the Post Office and know the true cost. For what ever reason, USPS does not compute charges correctly on order outside the USA. We have found that by going to the Post office, shipping is always cheaper than by going to the USPS web site to calculate shipping. A few countries have a history of problems and we will not ship to those countries.