Solving the Perfect Placement Puzzle

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Being able to place your designs exactly where you want them is one of the most challenging techniques in Machine Embroidery, yet it can be easily conquered! Join Bobbi Bullard, machine embroiderer extraordinaire as she explains the tips and tricks to make perfect placement so easy.

In This Webinar:

1)-Design Placement-Using ready-to-wear Bobbi will demonstrate how to put your design EXACTLY where you want it.


2)- Spacing and Other Monsters-Make sure your designs are spaced evenly. Bobbi will go through the steps for perfect spacing as she demonstrates creating a table runner.

3)-Multi-Hooping - the Final Frontier- Stitching Designs too large for your hoop is do-able, even easy with these multi-hooping techniques

4 -Sometimes Marks are Good-How to add alignment marks.

5 -Cut it Out-After it's stitched, getting the cut right.


The Secret to Perfect Placement

Multi-Hooping for spectacular results


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