Sewing Machine Needles for Topstitch or Machine Embroidery

Superior Needles
We think you'll love these needles so much that once you've tried them, you will come back for more.
Bobbi's Note:
I prefer sharp needles to universal for all of my woven fabrics. They pierce the fabric instead of bludgeoning it. Unfortunately, most embroidery needles have a universal point.  After some investigation we found these wonderful needles. They have the very large eye required for embroidery and they have sharp tips. In addition, they're titanium coated so they stay sharp much longer than the standard needle.
We're carrying these needles in a wide variety of sizes so you can have one appropriate for your fabric. If you're not sure what needle to start with I suggest a size 80.  They work beautifully on quilting fabrics and most garment fabrics.
Try these out. You won't go back!