Place-mats Featuring Underwater Dreams Sea Creatures

  • $22.50

In the Hoop Designs and Pattern

A spectacular set of designs made for piecing and quilting in the hoop to create an exquisite set of place-mats.

Detailed Instructions

Pattern & Embroidery Designs

There are 4 unique place-mats, each a re-imagined underwater creature. 

Three Versions for different hoop sizes
 Have a very large hoop?  - Create these place mats with a minimum of re-hooping.

Medium sized hoop?   6" x 12" or 8" x 8" or 6" x 8" - Use the designs specifically designed for your hoop.

Quilting/ Free Motion all complted by your embroidery machine in the hoop!  The set includes free motion designs in a variety of sizes so you can quilt in the hoop!