Kai Professional Scissors

KAI Professional Tailoring Shears

Extraordinarily sharp, light and comfortable scissors with lasting quality

The KAI 7000 series high-carbon Molybdenum Vanadium stainless steel shears have an extra-long edge life and superior cutting efficiency. Designed for professional use, these tailoring style shears are ideal for clothing construction and for perfect pattern cutting. Excellent on all types of fabrics including: silks, cottons, denim, fleece, leather, tapestry, upholstery fabrics and drapery. Smooth cutting action and super sharp blades make these the sharpest fabric scissors available.

I resisted ordering these scissors for quite a while. Why spend more on scissors when the standard Kai's are so wonderful?   At a show one of our customers told me I had to try the professional scissors. She said how incredible they are.  So I tried them. I couldn't believe them. They're even better than the standard Kais. Who would have thought that could be so?  So now we're stocking these scissors and I have a few pairs in my sewing room.

Key features are:

  • Full-length "blade-to-grip" design for optimal cutting balance
  • Novel duplex interlock screw for lasting tension
  • Ergonomically styled and padded grip made of "Elastomer" soft plastic for maximum ease of handling