Kai Products

Extraordinarily sharp, light and comfortable scissors with lasting quality

This collection includes rotary cutters, thread snips and an a  variety of sizes ranging from 4 inch curved embroidery scissors to 10 dressmakers' shears. 

World's Best Scissors!

Yes, we know. The "World's Best Scissors" statement sounds like typical sales hot air. We had a big "World's Best Scissors" sign at the most recent trade shows we attended. People would walk by our booth, see the sign, walk over with the attitude of "you are full of it, but show me anyway". We would hand them a pair of scissors and a piece of cloth to cut. It was really fun watching and seeing reactions. Almost everybody would say something like, "Wow, these are really good scissors," or "Oh, these are really sharp." Sometimes it was simply an "Ohhhh" or "Ahhhh" We really had fun selling these scissors at the shows.

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