Finishing the Super Easy Table Runner

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This week I presented a blog post on last minute gifts. One of the gifts was an easy to  make table runner featuring narrow decorative lines pieced between the main panel and the border.

The featured technique was instructions on how to create narrow lines easily and perfectly.  If you're interested in how to do this, watch the video of the webinar, "Last Minute Gifts."  I think you'll find the instructions quite clear.

What I didn't cover in the webinar was how to add the end lines after stitching on the side lines.  After the webinar I had several people asking me how to do it- hence this blog post.

The video has detailed instructions on how to insert lines that are very even.

The following is what to do with those lines.

First - add the lines on each side of your embroidered panel, then trim the tops of your new lines even with the panel's top.

Then I added the top and bottom lines and trimmed them even with the sides.

 You add the border prints on each side and trim them even with the top of the piece you've already assembled.


All you have to do is add your top and bottom panels

 I recommend that you watch the video of the webinar.  It went quite well.




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