Victoria Embroidered quilt design and instruction set. The embroidered quilt is graceful & lovely, bold yet sweet.

While completing the quilt you'll learn a variety of embroidery techniques ranging from embroidered applique to piecing in the hoop. Bobbi's wonderful instructions are simple enough for almost any level of embroiderer, while offering enough diversity to keep the most experienced machine embroiderer interested.

Victoria Quilt

Round Crest

The Victoria Quilt includes exquisite designs. Use them for the quilt, re-use them for other projects.

Half Crest
Line Crest

small crest


Zig Zag

Includes a variety of embroidery techniques. This piece in the hoop block makes perfect embroidery placement on top of precision piecing a reality.

Twin designs

Vertical Flowers

Perfect for a block of the month quilt. Dealer inquiries welcome.


Fan Design

Machine Applique is a breeze In the Victoria Quilt.

Line designs

Learn and practice perfect placement for continues line designs.



As with any of Bobbi's patterns, the instructions are impeccable, with just the perfect amount of detail and illustration.

Purple and Gray

The quilt looks wonderful in so many color combinations.

Click on the picture for more combinations

Victoria Designs on a Tote

This beautiful tote bag is made with one of the Victoria designs. Once you're finished the quilt you'll have a valuable set of designs.

Victoria CD price $55

Victoria email price $51

Special Notice

This design set has 2 large files. The pdf file is 1.6 MBs and some machine formats are just under 2 MBs. Some email servers cannot handle emails this large. We will send the pdf and the design zip files in separate emails to help your server cope. If you feel confident that your email server won't have a problem, we will be happy to send you the designs by email. Other wise we recomend Victoria on CD.

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