Stamping Good Fun

Ever wanted to design your own fabrics? Add patterns or accents? Now you can. With the Bullard Designs stamps (designed by Bobbi) you can create your own patterns and designs on your fabric. Use them as a base for your embroidery designs of by themselves.! We have a tutorial on how to use our stamps.

Want to see things made with the stamps? Click on the one of the pictures below.

Sample Stamping from Hello Hexes. We also have Stamp Pads with inks that work on fabric or paper! These inks stay on though the washer. Just use your iron to set the ink.

Infinite Possibilites
Our unique technology gives you infinite possibilities. See more about this Innovative Technology

The Bullard Designs stamps are manufactured with a new technology that gives oustanding advantages: perfect placement and minimized storage requirements.

See more more details about our stamps.

Each stamp set (shown below) is shipping on an acetate sheet approximately 4" by 6".

All stamps Copyright 2005-2011 by Bullard Designs

The Bullard Designs stamps are sold unmounted but will mount without adhesives to any smooth surface. We sell acryllic blocks shown above for mounting. You only need one block for all of your Bullard Designs Stamps.

Added Sparkle

Beautiful Crest
Beautiful Crests

Rubber Stamp Bejeweled

Bright Flowers

Brilliant Scallops

Checked Mate

Crystal Backings

Eastern Splendor
Eastern Splendor

Fall Fantasies
Rubber Stamps
Feathery Fun

Flower Boxes

Glowing Angels

Glowing Outdoors

Hello Hexes

Holiday Glow
Rubber Stamp of Peacocks
Peacock Splendor

Sparkling Additions

Working in Black
Working in Black
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Added Sparkle $16 Quantity
Beautiful Crests $16 Quantity
Bright Flowers $16 Quantity
Brilliant Scallops $16 Quantity
Brilliant Backings $16 Quantity
Checked Mate $16 Quantity
DooDads $16 Quantity
Eastern Splendor $16 Quantity
Fall Fantasies $16 Quantity
Feathery Fun $16 Quantity
Flower Boxes $16 Quantity
Glowing Angels $16 Quantity
Hello Hexes $16 Quantity
Holiday Glow $16 Quantity
Glowing Outdoors $16 Quantity
Tjaps $16 Quantity
Bejeweled $16 Quantity
Peacock Splendor $16 Quantity
Sparkling Additions $16 Quantity
Working in Black $16 Quantity
Clear Acrylic Mounting Block Price $6 Quantity