Stamp Information

Clear Self Adhering Stamps:
The Sparkling Impressions stamps are produced with an innovative technology that produces stamps with obvious advantages over the traditional stamp offerings:

Perfect Placement: Clear Stamps ensure exact placement for shadow stamping, nesting, collaging and interactive images.
No Mounting Adhesive or Cling Sheets Required: The Sparkling Impressions stamps are perpetually self adhesive. They stick to acrylic blocks or other smooth surfaces with no special adhesives or static cling sheets. The bond is absolute for the time of the stamping session. After use, the stamps can be peeled off and moved back to the included acetate sheets for storage. If they become dusty, a simple wash with soapy water will revive the stickiness on the back.
Infinite Possibilities: As you place the stamps on the acryllic block, you can combine stamps to make your own unique combinations. Click here to see how.
Minimal Storage Requirements: The Sparkling Impressions stamps can be stored on their acetate sheets. They can be filed and categorized simply and easily. Several hundred stamps can be stored in one three ring binder!
No Trimming Required: The stamps are molded in the size and shape of the design. Deeply etched, they make crisp clean images.

Our stamp collection is shown here and the ink pads are here.