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Adhesive Sew 'N Wash


20" Stabilizers

20 inch Stabilizers

Now a stabilizer for those new extra large hoops!

Adhesive Sew 'N Wash!

Adhesive Sew'N Wash 20 inches by 10 yards!

 Price $60.99


Print 'N Stitch

Price $26

Please note that USPS does not compute shipping correctly for this product. First Class shipping is $4.38 but the calculator will only show it Priority. Unless you tell us otherwise in the comments, we will charge you $4.38 and send it First Classs.

Sew'N Wash 9 inch by 12 yards

Price $20.49 Quantity

Sew'N Wash 12 inches by 12 yards!

Price $24.99


Adhesive Sew'N Wash 11.5 inches by 10 yards!

Price $43.99


Sew'N Wash 20 inches by 10 yards!

Sold out


We use water soluable stabilizer on all of our washable fabrics. Our water solubles dissolve easily leaving no residue.

The following are some items embroidered using water soluable stablizer.

Jacket Embroidered with Zoobits Designs Cape Embroidered with Brilliants Designs Jacket Embroidered with Adornments

The Athena Jacket above was embroidered using water soluable stablizer. The designs are from the Zoo Bits design set. The pattern is the Athena from LaFred.

Click here to see more clothes made with the Zoo Bits design set.

This top is the Deja Vue from Sewing Workshop. The designs are from the Brilliants collection. This is a 4 ply silk crepe which I pre-washed.

This jacket was featured in Designs in Machine Embroidery. The jacket is the Haiku 2 from Sewing Workshop and the Designs are from the Adornments design set. Note that the design on the sleeve is the sample design you can download for free on the Adornments page .

  Jacket Embroidered with Brilliants Designs  


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