Artist's Paintstiks

by Shiva

To use Paintstiks with our stamps

Our stamps come on an acetate sheet. Choose the stamp or stamps you want to use and peel them off the sheet.

Place the stamps on an acryllic block. The stamps have are permanently sticky on the back. They'll stick to any smooth surface.

If they ever lose their stickiness simply wash the stamp back with soap and water.
Place the stamp under the fabric. Draw across the fabric with the Painstik. This is similar to a headstone rubbing


Remove any lumps of Paintstik from your fabric and press. The Paintstik isn't permanent until it is pressed.

Make sure you press the fabric between sheets of brown paper bag or paper towels. This makes the drawing permanent.

This fabric was created with Paintstiks

The fabric above was created using our 'Hello Hexes' stamps and the Iridescent Gold Paintstik. Click here to see how. The finishing touch was the addition of Swarovski hot-fix crystals.

Bobbi Bullard


We are carrying the following iridescent Paintstiks. The leaf green and blue are out of stock but will be shipped to us as soon as Jack Richeson gets them in.

Iridescent Gold Paintstik Price $6.95

Iridescent Silver Paintstik Price $6.95

Iridescent Copper Paintstik Price $6.95

Iridescent Purple Paintstik Price $6.95

Iridescent Leaf Green Paintstik Price $6.95

Temporarily out of stock

Iridescent Red Paintstik Price $6.95

Iridescent Blue Paintstik Price $6.95

Temporarily out of stock

Iridescent Pink Paintstik Price $6.95


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