Shelley Stahl

Not only did we have fun at 4 Women of Design, but we actually learned things, too. This purse if from Shelley, a 4 Women of Design Member. She wrote the following:


Dear Bobbi,
I thought you might like to see a purse that I made after attending the 4 Women of Design Conference.  It utilizes Stephanie's purse pattern, Rosemary's tyvek and Angelina fiber techniques and your embroidery design and crystals!  The painted/heated tyvek is fun to use, since you never know how it will turn out.  After I melt the tyvek, I find an embroidery design that works with the melted shape and stitch on top and then add crystals.  It's a lot of fun! What do you think?
-Shelley Stahl

Hi Bobbi,
Here's some photos of the sweatshirt I made for my Mom, using your Brilliants design and crystals. I ended up using the Light Sapphire crystals because they matched the best. I'm not an experienced photographer, ( and this is a new camera) so I hope these are ok.
-Shelley Stahl

I think the pictures are wonderful!


A close up of the embroidery. Of course, this doesn't capture the beauty of the crystals.
You can see more designs on the Brilliants page.