Roberta Kitowski

Embroidery Designs on Pants

Roberta's Katie continues to have the most incredible wardrobe.  These pants have Simple Pleasures 2 on them- and they're beautiful.

I'm hoping Roberta will get a picture of Katie in the pants.

With this close up of the top of the pants you can see the crystals and the lines of stitching.   Close up of Swarovski Crystals
Embroidery on Pants

Simple Pleasures 2 makes it easy to do this line of flowers.  It includes alignment markers so you can make the line as long as you want.


Katie has grown quite a bit since the last time we posted pictures.  Look at the dress below to get an idea.



 Roberta sews the most wonderful clothing for her daughter Katie. I have tried to get a picture of Katie in one of Roberta's creations for over a year. This is the best we could do - a picture of one of the dresses (without Katie, unfortunately).

This dress is adorned with the free flowers from Delicate Garden. In the center of each flower is a crystal. Roberta said that Katie's eyes opened very wide when she saw the crystals and that Katie was speechless (for once).



This is a part of a really fun jacket Roberta made from quilting material. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of the whole jacket.

But, I do have a picture of a close up of one of the elves in the jacket - spiced up with a single crystals. The extra little sparkle from a crystal here and there really adds up.


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