Cowl Necked Top made from Microfiber



Phyllis shares a wonderful shirt made of microfiber polarfleece. She used Sewing Workshop's Cowl Necked Top.

She has edged the cowl with designs from Cool Winter

This picture just doesn't do the top justice. It is gorgeous


Closeups of someof the Embroideries:



I love wearing microfiber polarfleece. It's very light but very warm. Try making something out of to replace your sweatshirts.


Linen Creative Dress


This beautiful dress is made from linen. The original linen was burnt orange which Phyllis didn't like. She bleached the fabric to this color before she made the dress.

Phyllis used the Summer Boxes on the dress and they came out beautiful.

    Embellishment to Purchased Knit Dress  

Phyllis Yandle took a knitted dress and cut off the sleeves. She embroidered the designs on a patch made from the sleeve than attached the patch to the dress.

It was a quick way to add something personal to a dress she gave as a present. 


The design is from Summer Boxes 

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