Jan used our Botanical Jewels embroidery designs in a windowpane shirt creating an casual yet elegant creation. I just wish that we had a picture of Jan wearing the shirt. She's so beautiful!

If you haven't visited it you should know that Jan has a wonderful website, Sew N Tell.



 Isn't the internet wonderful. I met and made friends with this lovely person on the internet about 8 years ago. It took several years before we met in person. Jan runs a wonderful website.Sew N Tell . You really should visit it.

Jan is wearing a Maia Jacket from LaFred with embroidery from my Brilliants collection. She put a crystal zipper down the front.

Doesn't she look beautiful. (Of course she IS beautiful.)



The designs are a part of the Brilliants collection.

The jacket is the
Maia Jacket from LaFred.

The Crystal Zipper is from our Zippers.


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