Hi, Bobbi


I thought I’d send a couple pictures of my November Crystal of the Month project.  I got the t-shirt for $6.00.  I customized the flowe beads design and added the crystals ended up with this great top.  I love the crystal of the month club.  When I get the crystals in the mail I start watching for the designs and when the designs come, I try to figure out a project.  It’s a great ongoing inspiration to do a project.  Keep up the great work. 




Imagine my astonishment when this beautiful lady, Jacque Guffey, walked up to me at Sew Expo wearing this jeans jacket. She had used our Crystal Critters and Swirleys design sets to make this gorgeous jacket.

She created a beautiful garment that looks good on her. She put the large embroidery of the cat and the coordinated Swirleys on the big panel in the middle. Then she took more Swirleys and embroidered them across the yoke.

I love how she couched yarn on the seams to balance the large embroidery.


Jacque is beautiful!

Here she's added couching to the front of the jacket on the lapels and the front of the belt. There's small embroidery on her lapel.


A closeup of the Crystal Critter Cat and her coordinated Swirleys. 

You can see more designs on the Crystal Critters page.

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We have a special if you buy the Crystal Critters and Swirleys together.
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