Irene sent me even more pictures. I love the ideas she sent, just wish she had included her beautiful face with them.

Anyway, here's what she sent

. She's been making everything shine. I love the idea of putting crystals with fireworks as she did in this purchased top. Fireworks just cry out 'sparkle'!


Crystals added to a vest! Wonderful again. I'm sure the butterfly is lighter than air with sparkles on its wings.


 Beautiful Irene has been using our crystals on several different things. Here she is in a purchased shirt she embroidered.

Notes From Irene

Hi Randy and Bobbi,

We tried to take some pictures of my denim jacket that I embroidered last year and now have added your crystals to give it some more beauty. I use the 4 mm crystals and it was a breeze to do. Hope you like the pictures and will be ordering more soon.


 The crystals are hard to catch on film, but you get the idea in this picture. Just imagine these twinkling every time you move.


Even initials look better with crystals on them.

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