Arlette Peterson

Arlette is always coming up with something new.
Her current projects are clothes. I don't think the pictures do justice to Arlette's beauty but you do get a feel for her work.

Arlette Sewed this incredible jacke for her friend Hye, using the Brilliants design set. 

I love the foiled fabric next to the embroidery.

All I can say is that Arlette's friends are very lucky!


Artlette has on a silk jacket she's embroidered with designs from Zelda. The pattern is a Vogue pattern and she used a combination of metallic thread, rayon thread and crystals.

Click on the pictures to see the Zelda Designs.

Arlette used silk fabric she dyed herself and added rows of decorative stitches for the lining.

Machine Embroidery on a Jacket

This is one of those remodeled sweatshirt jackets using our Crested Beaut Designs.

(And yes, Arlette knows it's a bit large on her, the jacket was made for a present for a friend of hers.)

To see the Crested Beaut designs click on the pictures.

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