Angi Mitchell used the Kinenbi Pattern to make this fabulous top

The Kinenbi from Sewing Workshop

is quite unusual. Every time I wear mine, people stop me on the street and ask me about what I'm wearing.

Angi says she is getting the same kind of feedback

The designs are my frogs from the Spring Delights Set


Angi said this about the outfit:

. "The top pattern is interesting but quite oversized and could probably have been made in a small rather than a medium, although according to the pattern measurements I was
bordering on a large. Well, patterns lie! Overall the finished product turned
out good. I do like the fabric I used and I do like the color of the embroidery . I promised I'd send a picture for you to see so here goes! By the way, picture is not greatest. The back has one big frog on my butt and one tiny one on the back of the collar! The Collar is also faced on the inside with the purplish stuff. On to my next creative adventure!"




Angi did a wonderful job of arranging the frogs. You have to look closely to see that they're frogs. What fun!

Angi Embroidered the Free Wing Needle

Butterfly on a Purchased Top


When Angi sent me this picture it blew me away. If she's that pretty why didn't she take a pcture of herself wearting the Kinembi?

The embroidery on this purchased shirt is the free design in my Butterfly Wings and Other Things Set.

A closer look at the designs.

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