Linda Student

Piece ofSilk Tote

Linda joined our 4 Women of Design East 2008 in Marietta Georgia. She made this tote in the Piece of Silk workshop.  The pocket is made of pieces of vintage kimonos. 

The kimono piecing was particularly fun as every person's tote was unique and gave a different feel.


Dragonfly embroidery

Linda used the dragonfly designs from Deco Delights to make this wonderful 3 dimensional

dragonfly. Hooping a polyester organza she stitched  the dragonfly, stopping before the body stitched.

After stitching the wings, before the body stitched, she slipped the base fabric(a white linen) underneath the hoop.

Stitching the body stitched the dragon fly to the main fabric.

After unhooping she clipped the organza close to the edge of the wings then used a soldering iron to melt the fabric to the stitching.

The dragonflies are a part of the Deco Delights

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