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A Case For Glasses

A set of embroidery designs which allow you to construct eyeglass cases almost
entirely on your embroidery machine

(Each Case Includes Batting and Lining to protect your precious glasses)

Full Set $30

Construct a finished eyeglass case almost entirely on your embroidery machine.
The set includes a variety of cases, some with clever sayings, others with beautiful designs. Or, make the case out of a fun material (like the bug material above).



Full Instructions So You Can Add Your Own Designs To An EYEGLASS CASE


Or use your own interesting fabrics to make a kicky eyeglass case of your own design

A Case for Glasses on a CD


All formats (ART, DST, HUS, JEF, PCS, PES, SEW, VIP and XXX) included on the CD

CD will be sent US Mail

A Case for Glasses E-mailed


Select format:

Other Sayings for Glasses Cases

Many of the phrases on the cases above came from a mini-contest I held. Contestants submitted sayings they thought would be appropriate for eyeglass cases. The winners, those whose sayings I used, were sent the A Case for Glasses design set.

Because I've included the designs so that you can add your own sayings or small designs, I thought I would post the other entries.
All of the sayings were wonderful. It was almost impossible to choose. I hope your enjoy these.

Bobbi Bullard


Here's looking at you kid
Looking good
Eyes Right!
Things are looking up
Spec tacular sight
Heres looking at you
I Only Have Eyes for You
Goo, Goo, Googley Eyes
Where are my Glasses?
Here they are
Eye's for you
eyes to go
I can see (again)
Looking for Me?
Spec Tacular
In Spec tor Spec ial Delivery
I only have eyes for you
SEE you in my dreams
How about Eye to I or I to Eye
or Eye to Eye
The I's Have It
Can See You or ICANCU
SEE NOIR MOMENT or Wheres My Glasses?
or Wears My Glasses I sus-spec I need these
Oh so Spec-tacular Eye Spec So! or sew Eyes So Spec-ial Just for Looks You're lookin good Keep an eye on this A lens pen... it a frame up
eyes happy here
Making a Spectacle of Myself
Looking Good
Here I am
Oh what these eyes have seen
The last place I looked
My Eyes Adore You
A Spectacular Sight
A Spectacle to See (or - Spectacles to See)
eye like you!
Ah! The Better To See You With!
Wonder Lens
Glass Cozy or Spec CozyA View to the World
Who turned off the lights?
Eye Spy
Seek and ye shall find (or see and ye shall find)
All eyes are on you
Glasses sighted
Ready Readers
All the better to see you with, my dear...
Lights on!
Here's looking at you
Let there be light
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder
4 Eyes
eye see or I see
or for fun embroider a martini glass etc and put my glasses
eye care or I care as the case may be!
specs appeal
Look and then make the 2 o's be eyes with eyelahes etc, you know what I mean
see more
The eyes have it20/20 with 0's to look like eyes
My Eyes
Eye Garage
20 + 20 = See You
There you are!
Eyes Right Here
All The Better To See You With
Eye Spy
Sew Eye See
Sew Clear
Sew I Can See
Eye Ball to Eye Ball
I have Eyes for You
Let me cover you