Words of Love

Words of Love

Inspiration at Your Fingertips with These Words of Love and Encouragement.

Each design can be stitched as an applique designs (shown here) or not (as shown in the red circles below).

The designs each come in two versions. In the first version, the designs include circles as placemarkers for crystal application. In the second version, (shown in the pastel version right below), the circles are stitched in.\\

Each Circle has a 4 1/2' diameter.


Words of Love

Stitch the circles without applique fabric!

Words of Love

The appliqued non-crystal version!

Words of Love designs
Augment your projects with the words stitched alone. (Each word is a separate design).

Six words! Hope, Faith, Dream, Love Peace, and Home.


Words of Love designs on CD

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Words of Love E-mailed to you

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