Winter Trees

Winter Trees wall hanging

See a larger picture of this wall hanging. (If you have the time to look click on the link. This tree is spectacular in person!)

(It might be slow to load depending on your connection speed.)

The Tree comes in three sizes (each digitized separately so to host the appropriate amount of crystals.)

The trees come in a 9", 8" and 7" tall version. There are split versions of the largest tree so you can embroider it in a 5" x 7" hoop.


Top Star design Pink Flake design Golden Circle Golden Star

Green Circle

Download this sample design FREE!

Small gold star

Each of the snowflakes included in the tree is available as a stand-alone design. They show exquisite detail and will be a great addition to every winter project. They sparkle, they shine!

They're beautiful


Winter Trees on CD

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All formats included on CD

Winter Trees E-Mailed to you

Price $20

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