Oh Gee

71 Designs!

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The name for this designs set has a double meaning. The design shapes are reminiscent of Ogee shapes. But we spelled it Oh Gee because we hope that is what you will say when you see this wonderful set.


Oh Gee Black Jacket

A simple purchased jacket is transformed with the continuous line shown here.

Full Oh Gee

4" x 12.6"
The arrangement above is included in the design set. If your hoop is big enough it can be stitched in a single hooping. For those with smaller hoops the design has been broken into multiple designs with alignment marks.

You can stitch this as a continous line, making the line stretch as long as you like before adding the flat ends.

(This line is totally different than the one shown on the jacket.)

Oh Gee1

Each ogee is 1.9" x 3.3"

Oh Gee 3

The look of the ogees changes dramatically with a color change.

Oh Gee2


Oh Gee horizontal1 Oh Gee q

Included in the set is a quarter ogee (right above) and two half ogees, one where the ogee is split the long way, another where it's split through the wide section of the designs for EACH ogee.

Oh Gee horizontal2


Oh Gee-v1

Some of the ogees differ subtly, others are more drammatically different.

Oh Gee-v2


Oh Gee Brown Skirt

A simple skirt is enhanced by stitching the arrangement to the right.


Oh Gee skirt Close up

Arrangement 8.9" x 3.5"

There are several designs where the ogees have been combined into pleasing arrangements with some work to reduce color changes.

This one is 6.8" x 13.5". If your hoop is big enough it can be stitched in one hooping. For those with smaller hoops the design has been broken into multiple designs with alignment marks.Ogee Embroidery Design

Ogee Embroidery Designs


Ogee Embroidery Design

The designs give you an opportunity to use the wonderful hot-fix Swarovski crystals (size 10ss) including placement circles for consistent placement.

Not in a sparkly mood? Use the version of the design digitized without placement circles and in some cases, stitched bullions in place of crystals.

Ogee Embroidery Designs

It always amazes me how different the designs can look dependending on the colors you choose.

In addition to the designs shown, there's a Cut Edge Designs (picture to be posted later.)


Our Gift to You

Download this delicate heart design now! Click on the heart to download.

Cut Edge Design

Create a beautiful edge to your newest project with this cut-edge design. The cut-edge is set up as a continuous line so you can make it as long as you choose. Each swoop is approximately 3 1/2" long.

Circle Design The circle on the left is one of the Bonus designs, designs that were made with components of the Ogees.

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