Luxe1 square design

4.8" x 6.8"

This frame comes as a single design or in two pieces for those who don't have a large enough hoop to stitch this in a single hooping.

It's beautiful as a frame for a monogram or just as a single design in the middle of pillow case, throw pillow, table runner or placemat. Use it on the side of a bag or carrying case.



Luxe1 design

All of the single designs are 1 3/8". The designs come as shown here, totally finished or with open ends to combine as continuous lines.


1 3/8" x 3 3/4"

Luxe1 design

An open ended design as a part of a continuous line. This one has two iterations of the design. Though not shown it does include an alignment mark.

1 3/8" x 5'

Luxe1 design

1 3/8" X 6'

Luxe1 design

1 3/8" x 8.9"

Luxe1 design Luxe1 design Luxe1 design

The Luxe design set comes with building blocks to make single layer or double layer (shown below) continuous lines as long as you wish. To ensure your lines have the perfect beginning and ends, there are designs for the beginning of your line (shown right above), designs for the middle of your line (shown middle above) and also designs to help you turn a corner (shown left above).

To reduce the amount of rehooping there are versions of your start, mid, end and corner designs of different lengths.

(Note, the double line doesn't turn a corner well so there are no corner designs for the double lines.)

Luxe1 design

These lines are made using components like those above and multiple hoopings.

Luxe1  long sew out

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