Little Stars

57 Designs

Sometimes, simple and beautiful designs are the most versatile. These lovely flowers made up of little stars can be used on everything, home decor, bags, garments, even quilts. The designs are set up to stitch individually, inclusters and in continuous lines. What could be better than to these lovely flowers in a row down the borders of your quilt. Or... use them as the quilting stitches.

Little Stars Cluster

A Little Star cluster. The design set includes clusters with 10 stars, 6 stars and 3 stars.

Because the designs is fairly light, you can cover a lot of space with designs.

Little Stars designs

These look great as a pair or....

Little Stars designs

by themselves

Little Stars in a row

Little Stars in a row

This set includes a wide variety of continuous lines and a variety of decorative motifs.


Purse with Little Stars

This wallet shows the beauty of the designs


Purse flap open


Throw some stars on your jacket.

Jacket close up

Not all designs shown!

(Watch this page. We'll add more pictures in a day or two.)


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