In The Trees

Use the trees alone or in their quilt square stippled versions to easily product projects with the Quilt-As-You-Go technique.

Enjoy playing with the various motifs by scattering them anywhere and everywhere. Try one of the continuous line designs down the front of a blouse. Use a variety of the motifs close together to cover the front of a jacket.

Making pillows? The squares are perfect for pillow tops.

And more! Arrange and combine any of these designs for quilt squares.

No matter how you use them,these designs are beautiful embellishments for your creations!

69 Designs

Not all designs shown.

3 Trees

7.7" x7.7" square including stippling

The smallest trees are about 3" tall. They come as individual designs as well as groupled with stippling.

Red Trees

Because the designs are appliqued, they look magnificent on your favoriate fabric, no matter how busy the print!

Single tree red background

Each tree comes in 3 sizes, 8", 6 1/2" & 3"

Each design in each size is digizited separately, not just resized!

Triangle tree reg backgroun

Gray tree

Sew the designs and skip the satin-stitch border for the edgy raw-edge look.

zigzag tree
Gray tree

Rounded tree

A version of each design has holes for crystals.

Another version, one without the crystal holes is included for each design.

The designs come as standalone trees or combined with stippling for Quilt as You Go Projects. The instructions for "Quilt as You Go" are included when you purchase the set.


The Quilt as You Go designs come in two sizes, one for 6" x 9" or larger hoops, one for 8" x 8" or larger hoops.

Green Trees

Straight Green tree

There are 4 different trees in the set.

Green Tree zigzag

Green Tree sparkle

The stippled designs come in different sizes so you can choose the hoop you want:

8 1/2" x 5.8"

7.8" x 7.8"

5" x 7"

Merry Christmas

The words, "Merry Christmas" are included with stippling in three sizes to help you create heirloom projects.

Green tree with white background

The version of the tress with stipple stitch enables quilt-as-you go projects.

For a fast and fun project, stitch out a tree with it's stippling, finish the edges and hang it on your front door.

Finished square
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Six Trees

In the 8" x 8" size there is a stippled quilt square with all of the trees.

Vertical Trees

This wall hanging is SO easy to do using the Quilt as You go technique!
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