Inspired by Nature

More than 80 designs (including the components for the continuous lines).

Flowers Center

The circles are each approximately 4 1/2" in diameter. They come as free standing designs in versions with circles for crystal placement and in versions where the circles are stitched in.



Each of the circles is also featured as the center of a square like the one shown above. The finished squares are just under 8". If your largest hoops will not accomodate this, we have provided the components so you can recreate the squares by re-hooping.

Red Center

Four of the circles are 4 1/4" diameter

Red Circle matching

Green Frame with Flowers

The squares look awesome in bright colors.

Cross center

This is the one circle that is 5" diameter

Open Center

Though the circles are shown here in a single color, the designs include color stops to allow multi-colored designs.

Leaf Frame

Choose to tone down the squares by using a monocrhomatic scheme.

Leaf Frame 2

Spiral design

This 8" square design is bold


Double Col

The components to stitch the continuous lines shown here are a part of the set. Each section is a little under 7".

These, as with most of the designs, come in two versions- one with circlesw for crystal placement and one where the circles are stitched in so no crystals are required.

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Chirs Cross

This continuous line has smaller components than the one shown at the left. Each section is about 4". The alignment marks (which the stitcher usually removes) are shown here.