Fresh Cut

91 Designs

Nothing is more eagerly embraced than sweet green buds heralding the arrival of spring. This year, late season snows gave us more reasons to welcome the warmth of spring.

This set includes graceful leafy branches, luscious vines laced with flowers and a bold edge design. Bobbi overdid a bit digitizing. She just wouldn't stop. She produced designs, more designs and then more.

What a value! 91 designs, each more beautiful than the last!

Touch of Spring

7" x 8" - in two files so those with smaller hoops can make this with re-hooping.

See a larger picture.

Fresh Cut Blouse

Bobbi wearing a blouse with some Fresh Cut designs

See larger pictures of the blouse.

As with most of Bobbi's designs, each design comes in a version with placement circle for crystals and another without (if you're in a non-blingy mood).

Free sample design
Free sample design

Embroidery Designs

1.2" x 2"

Spiral Vines

1.5" x 1.6"

There are multiple spirals available.

Spiral Embroidery Design

1.9" x 1.9"


Embroidered Circles

This design comes in three versions, one with an extraordinary amount of crystals, another with a more moderate amount and a third with no circles for a plain look.

Embroidery vines and flowers

2" x 12".

If your hoops are not large enough for this, you can stitch it as a continous line. The continous line designs are included.

Want a longer line? Use the continuous line designs to make this as long as you want.

This line of jewels is set up as a continous line of designs. There is a variety of options with it including the continuous line set up as a single line or a double.

The first design is loaded with places for crystals. Although I find it hard to think that there is such a thing as too much bling, I thought there might be times when a more moderate amount of crystals is appropriate. For those times when less is more, I added a crystal 'light' version of the design.

This design comes in 3 versions - the first heavily weighted with crystals, the second with a moderate amount, and the third, a plain version with no placement circles for crystals.

Leaf Designs

The left side of the top design. All of the branches are included as individual designs to give you more options.

Embroidered Flowers


Flower Line



Continuous Line

This design comes as a single design

1.35" x 14.1"

You can also build this as a continous line design.

Curvy green line

Sweeping branches. This one is 3.75 x .8"


Embroidery Designs

This large arrangment is made with multiple hoopings.

The full size is 7.3" x 13.1"

See more details.

Curvy Green Line green crystals

1.1" x 6.73"

There's a third line that is about this size.


Fresh Cutt Border

This is stitched at 16 ¼" x 4" but it's a continuous line so you can make it as long as you wish.
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Fresh Cut

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A great value! 91 designs!

All formats included on CD

Fresh Cut

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A great value! 91 designs!

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