Flights of Fancy

68 designs

Not all designs shown.

We have three things to say about this fabulous new design set, spectacular, usable and a great value. With 68 designs in the set, the designs are such a good deal!

Each design was created with a special use in mind. The bird/flower arrangment shown here fulfilled a vision of adorning the leg of a pair of jeans. The little motifs were made to sprinkle across the front of a blouse. The spiral was made for a pillow.

Each bird comes in a variety of sizes to use as a centerpiece or as a part of a bigger design.

Use these designs as we've imagined or find your own ways to use them.

Bobbi Jeans Bobbi Flight jeans
Jeans Closeup Design closeup
Jeans deign

Bird designs each come in a variety of sizes to fit a variety of hoops and uses. They range from 2 ½ to 12 inches.

Birds1 Humming Bird
Bird of Paradise Bird of Paradise2

All designs in the set come in a version for crystals and another version with bullions in the place of each crystal.


These designs look beautiful in any combination of colors that pleases your eye. Sew them in vivid bright hues, or soft, subtle colors. Use your winter brights or your summer pastels or even fall browns and golds.

Green Shirt

Strew these designs around your project. Balance the many small designs with the one large one. Perfect harmony.

Green Shirt large embroidery'

7.9" x 4.8"

This is a beautiful large design, perfect as a focus design or the center of your project.

Green Shirt frill embroidery

2.6" x 2.3"

Green Shirt curved design

1.5" x 2.1"

Free sample design

1.5" x 1.7"

Flights of Fancy1

2.5" x 1.81"

Flights of Fancy2

2.6" x 2"

Flights of Fancy3

2.8" x 2.6"

Flights of Fancy5

3.8" x 2.7

Flights of Fancy4

3.9" x 1.5"




Flights of Fancy

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*Please note that these designs are to large to fit in PCS or SEW hoops and these formats are not included.

Flights of Fancy

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*Please note that these designs are to large to fit in PCS or SEW hoops

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