Dragon's Treasure Chest

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Imagine yourself in an elvin grove populated with gnarled old trees and the faint voices of the little folks. You stumble on a chest filled with jewels. As you gloat in your good fortune an ominous shadow falls, the dragon guardian of the chest towers over you...

And therein lies the history of our newest design set, Dragon’s Treasure Chest.  The centerpiece of this collection of stitched jewels is the dragon’s self-portrait, a sinuous line of shimmery stitches capped with a dragon head.  Gather the dragon's gems and work magic on your next project. Wind the dragon's portrait around the collar of your vest as I did, or throw a line of jewels down the front of your next blouse.

All in all, a wealth of designs.

Bobbi in Camel Vest Closeup of collar designs

Dragon Jewels

The dragon is 2" high. There's a version of him 9.4" long but the set includes the makings so you can make a continuous line so you can make him any length you want.

Embroidery Jewels Embroidery Jewels

3.2" x 1.7"

The two designs above are the same (just wanted you to see the design in different colors)


Round with tassels

1.1" x 2.2"

FREE sample design

1" x 3.1"

design 4

1.3" x 1.3"

Dragons Treasures brown designs

1.6" x 3"

Dragon's Treasure Chest

5.6" x 1.6"

Long Line

Embroidery Design

This line of jewels is set up as a continous line of designs. There a variety of options with it including the continuous line set up as a single line or a double.

We even have a version with fewer crystals in case this version looks a bit too blingy for you, (although I find it hard to think that there is such a thing as too blingy).

Single Line - 1.3" tall (as long as you want) Double Line 2.9" tall

Blue Jewels

2" x 3"


Dragon Circle

3.3" x 3.2"

Gold horizontal

Gold horizontal 2

1.4" x 6.3"

Dragon's Treasure Chest

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Dragon's Treasure Chest

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