Chain of Jewels

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Some designs are beautiful and some designs are useful. These designs are both. Whether you scatter them haphazardly over a purchased top or carefully arrange them in lines down the front of a jacket, they'll look spectacular and make you look spectacular. Place a grid of these across a table runner, down the edge of a pillow, across the pocket of a bag. They just look beautiful!


Chain of JewelsChain of JewelsChain of JewelsChain of JewelsChain of Jewels '

Shirt With Chain of Jewels Designs

The Designs Come Pre-Arranged and as Individual Designs

Inspired by vintage jewels, the line designs are reminiscent of the lavish chains holding up the megolithic gemstones of the early 1900's. The lines each come in a variety of lengths ranging from 2" to 6".

As with most of hte bullard Designs sets, the designs come in a version with placement circles for crystals and a separate version where the cirlces have been filled for when you're not in a sparkly mood..

Chain of Jewels

Mix and match the jewels with the chains for wonderful results. Beautiful combinations!


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