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Bright and airy and bringing good feelings, lines, sweeps & swirls, fans and bells and other beautiful and elegant shapes filled with graceful lines and twinkling with crystals, the Celebrations design set will make you smile.  Bobbi has already been using it to make her clothes shine.

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Bobbi is wearing her new black jacket with Celebrations designs
Bobbi wearing the new Celebrations designs

This pattern is from a Burda World of Fashon magazine but any short, princess seamed pattern would do.

Metal Bell

The beautiful jacket has the small bell set on its side to make a closure.  The bell comes in multiple versions so you can applique it or not, use it with or wtihout crystals.

Celebration on silk

Full Arrangement 9.25" X 4.75"

Each of these pieces comes separately.  The arrangement shown above is also included in the set.


The Celebration

Celebartion fan on silk

9.1" x 5.2"

Celebration umbrella on silk

8.1" x 5.2"

The designs used in the shirt pictured below are set up to be a continuous line. There are two versions, one, with these ends, another version where the ends are square. 

Bobbi used this set, with the shaped ends on the cuff (left) of the tunic seen below.

9.3" x 2.8" (as one design - also included, the 3 parts needed to make this line)

Shirt Cuff


Designs used on a tunic

The pattern is Vogue 1204 which we offer. In the original pattern the lines are tiny tucks. I replaced the tucks with lines of embroidery.

Shirt Collar

Shirt Collar

Each part is 3.1" x 2.8" - string them together to make the line as long as you want.

On the lapel of the jacket she used the squared off ends.

As a bonus, there are designs that flow around a curve included in the set.

Close up of collar designs

Shirt Collar close up


1 section: 3.1" x 2.8"


Shirt small designs

This line is a half inch wide.

Lines, lines, lines!  These lines are made so you can sew them as long as you need.  To make it easier, there are 3" versions, 5.5" versions, 9" versions, etc. included in the set.

Bell from design Celebrations

SAMPLE DESIGN - click on the picture to download the free design.

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