Anna Maria

These delicate mirror images will add wonderful interest to your next project.

69 Designs

Using the Anna Maria Designs

The design shown here comes in a cut-edge design or a standard design.

Not all designs shown.

Eighteenth century French woven silk designs are as fresh today as they were three centuries ago, a delight for anyone who loves things of beauty. This design set was inspired by one of the most prolific of the 18th century silk designers, Anna Maria Garthwaite. These designs blossomed with Garthwaite's flowers and morphed into the 21st century.

A version of each design has holes for crystals. Another version, one without the crystal holes is included for each design.


Anna Maria Bag

The beautiful design on this bag comes in several sizes. On the bag you see the 4" high and the 3" high versions.


3 1/2" X 3 1/2"

Amp designs

5 1/2" X 5 1/2"

Single design

This design comes in a varietyof sizes to give you a variety of options. 3" x 4"


Close up of designs Bag outs Bag Side

Flowers 2

A continuous line design with all of the parts you need to make this go forever. This version comes as one design if you have a large enough hoop. Then add more blocks to continue the line. the blocks are each approximately 6" long.

Flowers 1

Perfect for the edge of a purse or next to the zipper on your jacket

4" x 4"



6" x 6"


flowers 3


Amp 4 Amp vert

Amp 6

Choose this lighter version to add subtle beauty.

Circle design




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