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Fun Every Month!

Curious? View a Slide Show of Some Previous Month's Designs!

Each month you'll have a mini design set e-mailed to you. Each beautiful embroidery design is made to add Swarovski crystals.

Not in a sparkly mood? As with all of our design sets, there is a version of each design not designed for crystals.

Bobbi Bullard is known for her innovative, beautifully digitized designs. Every month she lets her imagination take flight and she creates a wondrous mini design set.

Imagine the Fun Each Month of Opening Your E-Mail to find a Mini Design Set from Bobbi Bullard of Bullard Designs!

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Slide Show of Some of Our Past Designs

Design from Design of the Month Club

We get great feedback about our Designs of the Month. All of our members love the surprises

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Other Perks From The Design of the Month Club

"Sometimes I can't stop at a mini design set. I have to expand the mini set into a full set. When that happens, all current members of the Design of the Month Club are offered the full set at a 'mini' price. All members are offered the special pricing via e-mail! Imagine getting full sets of designs at a substantial savings."

Bullard Designs Club pay as you go

Each month you will charged $12 and sent new embroidery designs. Each month's design will be different, so no matter if you are in the Design of the Month Club 1 year or 10 years, you will always have totally new designs every month.

Only $15 a month


Note: Pay by the Month Option is available to credit card customers only.

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