Bejeweler Pro & Stone Styler

Crystal applicator tools

Both Bejewelers comes with 8 tips for applying crystals of all the different crystal sizes.

5 Year Warranty

The Bejeweler Stone Styler

The Stone Styler works the same way as the Pro, except that handle is all plastic. The handle and tip are slightly longer than the Pro.

We have put on thousands of crystals using this tool.

We have detailed instructions on how we at Bullard Designs apply crystals. We highly recommend that you follow our instructions and NOT the instructions that come with the tool.

Price $17.50

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Buy crystals to go with your Bejeweler!

For crystals to go with your Bejeweler be sure to check out our wide selection of crystals. Because we purchase staight from Swarovski, our crystal pricing is wonderful.

Bejeweler Stone Styler $17.50

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Interchangeable Tips ...

2mm (6ss) Tip
2.5mm (8ss) Tip
3mm (10ss) Tip
4mm (16ss) Tip
5mm (20ss) Tip
6mm (30ss) Tip
7mm (34ss) Tip
5mm "Hot Spot" Flat Tip

Warm-up Time Under 5 minutes.
Maintains temperature under heavy use.
Warranty 5 years

Our catalog of individual crystal colors

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