Crown Jewels

A Design Set Inspired by the Crown Jewels of European Royalty.

Designs adorned with crystals add an elegant touch. (Click here for more information on our crystal offerings)

The designs range from small motifs - delicate sprays of leaves and jewels to a crest-like large jewel.

Add zest to your clothing, home dec. items and quiltsquares.

Crown Jewels $45

For the more than 60 designs (not all designs are shown)


I've used two different designs from the Crown Jewels Design set on this top. The pattern is 'By Popular Demand' from Cutting Line Designs. It's very attractive and goes togehter in a flash. I'll probably make it 3 or 4 more times this summer. You can find the pattern by clicking here.

Sleeves on the shirt

Close-up of embroidery line

A Design Set Inspired by the Crown Jewels of European Royalty. Each design has been digitized in 3 different versions:

Add crystals to your design for an elegant touch

Each design has placement marks for crystal so that you can attach your crystals consistently. These jewels are the perfect canvas for the beautiful crystals.

To see our wonderful array of heat attached crystals, click here.

Not in a sparkly mood? Sew the versions of the designs where the centers and jewels are embroidered.

The version of the design with no crystals and no embroidered jewels offers a dramatic option.


Crystal Designs


Each of the designs below has an embroidered place marker for the addition of crystals.To see a close up view of some of the designs click on the pictures


3.7 by 3. 6 inches

2. by 3.8 inch

3.9 by 3.9 inches


6.9 by 4 inches


Consider using the following small designs lined up down the front or you jacket or blouse



1.5 by 2 inches

2.4 by 1 inch

1.7 by 1/2 inch


Large Squares

The following squares are each 5.8 by 5.8 inches. They're perfect for quilt squares, pillow tops, purses or any project where a stunning center piece will add pizzazz. Though these are digitized for large hoops the squares can be reproduced in smaller hoops with re-hooping.

Click on any of squares for a larger image.


Embroidered Jewel Designs


Each design comes in a version where the jewels are embroidered as in the samples below..


3.9 by 3.9 inches


3.3 by 3 inches

Dramatically change the look of these designs by simply changing the color combinations.

1.7 by 1/2 inch


3.7 by 3. 6 inches


Designs Sans Jewels


A version of each design with no jewels and no place markers for crystals is included so that you can make the designs without crystals or embroidery jewels.



1.5 by 2 inches

3.6 by 1/2 inch


3.6 by 1 inch

Crown Jewels on a CD $49

All formats (ART, DST, HUS, JEF, PCS, PES, SEW, VIP and XXX) included on the CD

CD will be sent US Mail

Crown Jewels E-mailed $45

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