42 Designs

A set of elegant designs which will enhance every project. The Cadeau design set includes 3 different continuous line designs, circle designs in a variety of sizes and small lines to use for accents. Each design is a present, standing on its own. Combine the designs to create an overall picture.

Embroidery Designs on Jacket

(click on picture for emlargements)

The jacket is the Verona Jacket from Sewing Workshop

Designs on Back of Jacket
The Sewing Workshop Verona Jacket embellished with the Cadeau designs.


Embroidered Line

3.3" x 1.4"

One of the 3 continuous line designs. (Shown on the jacket closest to the front edge). To make this work the set includes 4 of these designs;

a) with both edges finished (shown here)

b) with the left edge finished and alignment marks on the right

c) with neither edge finished and alignment marks on both ends

d) with the right edge finished and alignment marks on the left

Circle Embroidery Design

Circle Design  5.5" x 5.5"

Embroidery Design

4" x 1.5"

Embroidery Design

Embroidered Circle


Embroidered Line

The set includes multiple small lines and a variety of interesting circles to sprinkle over your project. .

This line (shown slightly warped because the jacket was wrapped around the curve of my body) is the second continuous line in the set. It also consists of 4 separate files.

embroidery design


Perfect for a block of the month quilt. Dealer inquiries welcome.


This is the same as the circle at the top. It looks skewed because this picture was taken when Bobbi was wearing the jacket.

As with most of Bobbi's designs, this set includes a version of each design with positioning circles for crystals and another version without.

Embroidered Circle




This deep U was designed to be embroidered continuously for a wide border. Or you can set it at a 45 degree angle and use it as a corner piece.

Cadeau CD price $54

Cadeau email price $50


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