Butterfly Wings


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Wing Needle Designs for the Discriminating Embroiderer

Design Set $45.00

Check for the free design halfway down the page

Try these designs in a single color for a more elegant look


& Associated Elements


Arrangements of

Wing Needle



with Flowers & Leaves


The lines & flowers


is available in 2



 The leaves & flowers are available in their own stitch files

along with the straight lines of wing needle stitching









Flowers stitched with the wing needle



Calla Lilly - available in 4" or 6" size.

For those with a 4" hoop the larger format is available in two files . 

 The Iris is availabe in 6" size or as two files for those with a 4" hoop






The single fans each fit in the 4" hoop. The double fan fits in a 4 by 6 inch hoop or comes in two files so that those with 4" hoops can stitch them.


Table runner made with Butterfly Wings designs.

Butterfly Wings on CD

Price $49

All formats included on CD

Georgia Chanting E-Mailed to You

Price $45

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