Cats and Hexes and Other Things

Have you ever had a vision of something you should do, you could do, but you don’t actually do? Well, I do.  In my mind, I’m a master marketer who writes witty, insightful blogs on a regular basis.  A blogger with thousands of followers and people clamoring for my next words of wisdom.

Well, here’s the reality, my blog has sporadic entries and 4 followers, two of them cats.

So, for you two cats out there, I’m starting again.  Here it is, my promise to write a minimum of a post a week between now and the end of the year.

This Week’s Post – Hexes & Flowers

Yesterday I released my newest design set, Hexes & Flowers.  It is a design that uses paper piecing in the embroidery machine so you can produce a pieced, embroidered quilt block. (Quilt square is a misnomer, the piece is actually a hexagon.)  I understand that paper piecing in the hoop  is an unusual concept. If you’re not familiar with that you can see a video explaining that. Go to the Hexes and Flowers web page, scroll half way down and click on the link to see the video.

The designs are pretty cool, utilizing a technique similar to paper piecing in the hoop which produces an embroidered quilt piece unlike anything else.

Piecing in the hoop produces an unusual and outstanding quilt piece, but is time consuming.  Elaborate and time consuming has its place, but sometimes faster is better.

So, I went back to the computer to create designs of hexagons and half hexagons with embroidered innards.

I’ve been playing around with piecing hexagons and half hexagons. Wow, what potential.

Just a note, I did make a great choice. The finished hexagons are the same size as an Accuquilt Go die. That means all of the non-embroidered hexagons are a cinch to cut. Simple is definitely better.

You can see the designs on my website, here. Happy quilting!