There’s Always a Harder Way to Do Something

You know what I say, “Why do something the easy way where there’s a more complicated way to go?”

Today’s project started as the simplest ever, sewing a sample of the Kid’s Sewing Studio’s* Square Neck Top in our new, gauze fabric. This pattern is designed to be sewn by total sewing newbies so it is a prime candidate for quick and easy.  The fabric is stable, yet drapes well, another “this should be totally easy” factor.  And, the fabric comes in great, coordinated colors and prints providing a designer look with no work at all.

I had a pretty strict deadline. I wanted this sample to take with me to Puyallup, Washington for the biggest sewing show I attend, SewExpo.  Simplicity is the keyword.


The first step off the quick and easy path was a simple thought, I wonder how this fabric will embroider?” Then a trip to the embroidery machine and all was lost.  You know what I say, “Why do something the easy way where there’s obviously a more complicated way to go?”



And it came out great! I love this look. So, game over!  Bye bye beautiful print, hello embroidery.


So, what do you think?  Was it worth the time to add the embroidery?  Actually, this pattern is so easy that even with the extra time for the embroidery this went together very quickly.

And now I’d better get back to the sewing machine and finish up the top.  Only 7 days, 20 hours and 12 minutes till I leave for Puyallup.



*Kid’s Sewing Studio is the other company I am a part of.  Kid’s Sewing Studio produces sewing lessons for kids (though they’re so easy even adults can use them).  This pattern is one of the lessons. It’s geared for rank beginners.





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Bright Lights Big City

The following article is a re-print from an article on the Kids Sewing Studio Blog written by Jen Dulyanai.  You may or may not know that I am a partner in Kids Sewing Studio – an exciting new way to share our love of sewing with the next generation. We’ve produced a way for people to learn how to sew, even if they have never touched fabric before.  The lessons were designed for children but they’re so good that even adults can use them.

Anyway, Jen and I went to Las Vegas to visit the   SDTA (Sewing Machine Dealers Trade Association) conference.   There are so many stories from the naked city. This is ours:



Well, I don’t want to say we’re rubes, but I live in a small town and Bobbi lives in a village, so yes, we did walk around the Vegas strip with wide eyes, taking in the sights! (Including, but not limited to, the emergency footwear machine.  You know, for when you get overexcited by the pirate ship battle in front of Treasure Island, and jump in the water?!?)

We were in Las Vegas last week for the Vacuum Dealers/Sewing Machine Dealers Trade Association show which was far more exciting than it sounds. We wanted to know if this might be a good place to take our Sewing Classes in a Box next year to market to dealers. We believe it would be a fabulous thing for every sewing machine dealer to include with a lower end machine sale. Wouldn’t that be nice?  You want to learn to sew, so you buy a starter machine and get a free class.

Anyways, there was a lot to see new product-wise. We found some amazing fabric  from Shannon Fabrics that we absolutely fell in love with–so complete was our infatuation that we went back the next day and placed an order. A large order, larger than we originally intended. We simply had to have it. When you touch it, you’ll understand why.  Imagine, if you will, a luscious double gauze, opaque and drapy enough for garment sewing in a wide range of beautiful colors and patterns.


You know those new baby blankets that are really just a super soft wrap to swaddle the baby in?  Aden + anais is a popular brand. Imagine making clothing out of that fabric.  When I say soft, it’s an understatement. And it only gets better with washing!



I can’t wait to start my summer wardrobe:  loose tops, swishy skirts, a new nightie, pajama pants for lounging.  Really, there’s no end to the possibilities!


My adorable nephew might even get a new blankie to replace the one he’s worn to tatters.

We’ll be showing and selling the new fabric in a few weeks at the Sewing Expo in Puyallup.  But before that, we’ll be sewing our own samples.  I can’t wait!


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