Sleeveless Dress

Embroidery Designs

Clothes for your favorite 18" doll stitched almost entirely on the embroidery machine

The Sleeveless Dress

Make your doll clothes almost entirely on your embroidery machine.

This beautiful doll belongs to Pamela Smolek

The Sleeveless Dress Design Set includes embroidery designs and detailed, illustrated directions to construct 8 distinct dresses.

An unadorned dress with straight or gathered skirt - the back closing has faux buttons & buttonholes

An elaborately patterned dress with coordinating embroideries - with straight or gathered skirt

Fish swim across the bodice of a dress - with straight or gathered skirt

Diamond studded stripes -with straight or gathered skirt

Each dress has a fully lined bodice! Lining is sewn to the bodice ON THE EMBROIDERY MACHINE!

Due to the size of the pieces this design set is available only for hoops 5" by 7" (130 mm by 180 mm) or larger.

Imagine sewing a doll dress like this almost entirely on your embroidery machine

The back includes faux buttons & buttonholes

The bodice pieces sew out in the embroidery hoop including embellishment. All you have to do is sew them together.


This beautiful doll is a Gotz Doll from the Martha Pullen Company. You can see her sisters at

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